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  • Premium Selection Of Original Matt Leather.
  • Thick Hand Crafted Mould With Extra Foam Padding.
  • TOPGEAR SPORTS Tempa-R1 sheets Provides Comfort To Trainer.
  • Focus Spots To Improve Speed And Accuracy.
  • Well Attached Adjustable Velcro Fastening Strap For Perfect Fit.
  • Eva-R15 Infused Padding For Excellent Shock Absorption.


Guards the sensitive belly segment by delivering robust impact absorption. Highly dense EVA padding guarantees the supreme volume of force to be absorbed through fine support.


Perfectly pre-curved these belly pads are sized precisely. Enhance your coaching and sparring session to the next level and go full force with this one size fits all body protector.


Train for fights with the body protection offering complete coverage of the upper torso allowing the coach to safely incorporate body shots.

Technical Features

These premium Abdominal Pads are hand crafted from original thick pre-stretched MATT Leather. Built to last and stand toughest of the toughest Nuay Thai, Boxing and MMA training sessions.. developed to protect abdominal area during tough training sessions with enhanced padding of TEMPA-R1 sheets and laminated layers of EVA-R15 sheet which not only absorbs the impact but wtih addition of foam padding it enhances the shock suspension as well. POWER-GRIP H ook & Loop strong strap on the back gurantees excellent fitting and stability during training. So train with impact of force and impression with TOPGEAR SPORTS.


Matt High Grade Selected Leather


Hand Crafted Mould

Available Sizes

82cm x 41cm x 5cm


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