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  • Extra Thick TOPGEAR SPORTS Poly-Cotton Blend Fabric.
  • 100% Nylon Power-Grip Hook & Loop Strong Stap Grip.
  • Easy To Use Thumb Loop For Added Security And Position Retention.
  • Extended 4.5-Metre Length Bandage For Unbeatable Wrist Support.
  • Premium And Flexible , TOPGEAR SPORTS Woven Fabric Lable Stitched.


Not just an extra padding for your knuckles but the advance moisture wicking material technology absorbs the sweat and protects your gloves from bacterial infections.


High quality selected cotton and spandex blend provides optimal support & comfort for your preferred wrap tightness.


Super soft double-woven blend stretches and conforms for ideal protection. Can be used multiple times unlike most fighter gauze on the market

Technical Features

TOPGEAR SPORTS present to you our top selling elasticated boxing bandages. Typically during training the elasticated POLY-COTTON bandage with thumb loop is desired by most fighters. Given its strong POWER-GRIP hook and loop fastener, the bandage can be closed in a simple and non-slip manner which particularly benefits the stability and performance. Whether boxing, kickboxing, Taekwon-Do, or Ninjutsu, in numerous martial arts you definitely require bandages to protect your hands. Depending on the size of your hand, you should pay attention to the right length of bandage . If you are looking for more protection and stability on your hands while also protecting your gloves from sweats ? Then the our boxing bandages are essential for you.


Elasticated Poly-Cotton Fabric


Solid Color Weave Threads

Available Sizes

2.5 Meters , 3.5 Meters , 4.5 Meters


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