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  • Thick Skin Of Cow Hide Leather Used For Exterior.
  • Strong Fabric Soft To Skin Lining On The Backside.
  • Shock Resisting Hand Curved Mould Padding.
  • Long Double Strap Closure Helps Easy Calf Wrap Around.
  • 100% Nylon Power-Grip Hook And Loop Straps.
  • Compact Thai Design With Durability In Mind.
  • Extra Reinforced Double Foot Guard Stitching.


Laminated hand crafted layers with Infused shock dispersion sheet deliver prime level of cushioning. This allows the guards to distribute the heavy pressure out and around the surface area.


The shin and foot protectors are perfectly pre-formed while allowing maximum movement delivering light weight guards with an excellent fit!


Power grip straps deliver protected and adjustable fit reducing chances of annoying slippage.

Technical Features

FIGHT CLUB Edition shin guards are made in thick original high grade leather all around. Combined with LATEX-LAMINATED DS-VA sheet to enhance the protective performance of the gear. Designed to deliver top quality along with comfort both in one. Our experienced professional designers at TOPGEAR SPORTS engineered these amazing shin guards to stay tough and light on your feet while offering you an obvious advantage over your opponents. Ultimate TEMPA-R1 sheet mould assures the shock absorbing attributes and proper distribution of all the impact evenly before it reaches your shin bone. The dual strap locks holds your gear locked close to you shin and feet so you can leave the worries and train as you please. DS-VA sheet padding on front forms a unique gel like cushion to effectively disperse impact. So lets get back in ring with the FIGHT CLUB Edition gears on your side.


High Grade Selected Leather


Hand Crafted Mould

Available Sizes

Small – Medium – Large – Extra Large


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