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  • Made Of Full Grain Hand Selected Original Leather.
  • Multi Paddings Of Latex-Pro & Hexa Foam Layers Laminated.
  • Easy To Grip Gel Grip Ball Laminated With Mould.
  • Air Ventilation Enhanced By Active-Air Mesh Extention.
  • Full Hand Leather Compartment For Better Handling.
  • Wide Cut Finger Compartment Design For Non-Slip Training Experience.
  • 15Mm Advance The Wrist Support Added For Shock Suspension.
Focus Mold


Innovative Cellular Tech system for unparalleled shock absorption and hand grip stability.



Designed according to the natural hand posture while holding the pads. It wont just impress you but will enhance the training experience aswell.



Tested by professionals, for maximum shock absorption and optimally stabilise so your hands and wrists stay protected from injury.

Technical Features

“Old is gold” – It is often true that the past remains immortalized in our memories, and rightly so, as fighters often pay their respects to legends of golden era’s. Therefore, we introduce the KODIAK Edition pads, which take aesthetic inspiration from the vintage era of boxing, and combine it with advanced material technologies, leaving you with the best of both worlds. Crafted with utmost care from original high-grade vintage leather, our KODIAK Edition pads are designed with dense layers of mould padding to sip the impact as soon as its delivered. Built in a Shock Depressing LATEX-PRO layered hand crafted mould, these focus pads also feature ACTIVE AIR-MESH to promote breath ability alongside HEXA-FOAM cushion under your wrist to make your hands feel at home. The original premium golden leather trims ensure that not only do you leave an impact, but you look good doing so.


Vintage High Grade Selected Leather


Hand Crafted Mould

Available Sizes

23cm x 18cm x 5cm


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