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  • Made Of Full Grain Hand Selected Original Leather.
  • Multi Layers Of Eva-R15 Padding Hand Laminated.
  • Easy To Grip Gel Grip Ball Laminated With Mould.
  • Air Ventilation Enhanced By TOPGEAR SPORTS Active-Air Mesh.
  • Full Hand Leather Compartment For Better Handling.
  • Smart Strap Closure Delivers Excellent Wrist Grip.
  • Under The Wrist Support Added For Shock Suspension.
Focus Mold


Pro designed padding features gel fusion to ensure the durability and compatibility of these premium focus pads.



Designed according to the natural hand posture while holding the pads. It wont just impress you but will enhance the training experience aswell.



Tested by professionals, for maximum shock absorption and optimally stabilise so your hands and wrists stay protected from injury.

Technical Features

When they strike the power out of their punches you need just the parallel power resistant training pads and we got just what you need . Our SUPREME Edition focus pads are made from high grade original leather. Prior to selection, the leather undergoes a strict quality assurance process to verify that the quality aligns up to our standards. Featuring EVA-R15 multiple layers of shock-proof padding, each of our pads is crafted with the full attention to ensure the utmost perfection, so that it disperse the shock waves generated from rapid, heavy punches, quickly and efficiently. With an integrated ACTIVE AIR-MESH which enables air flow in the pads so that they can be worn for as long as the training may dictate. Comfortable LATEX-PU wrist cushion protects your wrists from any possibility of injury by reducing the strain on your wrists and supporting them in the events of receiving an exceptionally heavy punch.


High Grade Selected Leather


Hand Crafted Mould

Available Sizes

24cm x 18cm x 5.5cm


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