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  • Made From Animal Cruelty-Free Dura Synthetic Leather.
  • Fc-01 One Piece Injection Mould Resists Wrist Twisting Injuries.
  • TOPGEAR SPORTS Soft To Hand Poly-Cotton Inner Lining.
  • Extra-Wide Eva Inserts BelowFingertips For A Better-Gripped Fist.
  • Thumb Attachment To Reduce Thumb And Eye Injuries.
  • Cotton Wool Padding In Palm Allows Protection Against Kicks.
  • 100% Nylon Power-Grip Hook And Loop Straps.


The advanced one piece construction of these thick pre-curved moulds assures wrist support aswell as excellent thumb placement.


As good as they look , they fit even better. Perfectly curved hand compartment assures you an amazing fit.


Not just the knuckle are protected in these advanced gloves but the thick one piece singular mould also covers your wrist while the power lock strap ensures the proper grip to your wrist protecting you from major injuries.

Technical Features

Classy Black, Blazing Red, or Flash Blue, our TEAM Edition gloves are available in three classic color variants. Built with training in mind, our gloves are designed to minimize the risk of injuries. To facilitate this goal we developed a dual-component high-density FC-01 injection mold that features anti-wrist twisting protection. A thumb lock stitched patch ensures the positioning of your thumb is comfortable & secure as you train. This helps difficult punches to be delivered with perfection and also improves the shock absorption capabilities of these gloves by directly reducing the impact placed on the wrist during punches. The emphasis on protection however does not mean that durability is neglected. Dura Synthetic Leather, verified for its resilience to wear and tear has been used to enable the gloves to go an extra mile for you.


Dura Synthetic Leather


Injection Mould

Available Sizes

8oz – 10oz – 12oz – 14oz – 16oz

Attached Lining

TPL- Lining effectively assists in sweat-wicking.


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