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  • Special Dura Synthetic Leather Construction.
  • Multi Layers Of TOPGEAR SPORTS Tempa-Pro Padding Laminated.
  • Easy To Grip Gel Grip Ball Laminated With Mould.
  • Air Ventilation Enhanced By Active-Air Mesh Extention.
  • Open End Fingers Design Enable Hands Dry Easily From Sweats.
  • Smart Strap Closure Delivers Excellent Wrist Grip.
  • Dual Eyelit Attached On Both Sides Of Pads To Enable Shock Release.
Focus Mold


Brilliantly designed hand curved padding with extra foam layering ensure maximum performance.



This comfort fit & lightweight equipment assists both trainer and athlete to exercise the importance of agility and accuracy



Tested by professionals, for maximum shock absorption and optimally stabilise so your hands and wrists stay protected from injury.

Technical Features

Tough & stubborn , these X50 Edition pads are built to accompany your fitness journey to greatness. Built in a Shock Depressing multi layered hand crafted mould, each pad is made with our desire to equip you with a training pad that justifies its purpose of withstanding heavy hits. The shock degrading padding keeps your hands safe and stable thanks to the TEMPA-PRO foam padding. Featuring a strong POWER-GRIP velcro closure , these pads employ an ultra-strong grip which is highly versatile and allows trainers to have dynamic training circuits with fighters. The open fingers construction ensures heat escape & avoid humid condition for hands while long training sessions. Lightweight to enable quick changes in positioning while featuring gel-grip ball that improves palm grip, these pads are built to take the force– all day, every day. The simple design just requires you to slip them on and get to training right away.


Dura Synthetic Leather


Hand Crafted Mould

Available Sizes

23cm x 20cm x 5cm


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